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Twitter Alternatives for the D.I.Y. Rock Star

This post loosely accompanies Gab & Jam 300. Twitter Alternatives for the D.I.Y. Rock Star

There are ALL kinds of reasons why a band might switch from Twitter as a preferred place to share their music. Here are 7+ other Twitter-like alternatives. This post was inspired by DIY Musician, ep 343:

Check out the episode for the full discussion.

Why do you need a Twitter alternative?

As you know, Twitter is under new leadership, which has changed options, reach, and customer experience. What we mean is that, since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, not only has the name changed to “X”, but also what is allowed as “free speech” has been expanded—which, while it’s a good thing for some, may mean even being accepting of what could be considered “hate speech. Not to mention, there have been changes in what will earn one the coveted blue check. While it used to mean that one had been vetted—as in, had to prove that you are who you SAY you are—but now, as long as you pay the new fee of $8 a month, ANYONE can have a blue check. With this monthly subscription, one can also gain a greater reach by your posts being shared more and by being able to have more characters in your tweet and by having your posts higher on the list of post responses.

All of these changes have had people de-activating their accounts and/or NOT using the social media platform as the central hub of their online activity. However, some folks don’t mind any of the changes and are continuing on as they always have. THIS post is for those who want to continue to share in a similar way, but want to be on a platform that is NOT Twitter.

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Here are some Twitter alternatives for the D.I.Y. Rock Star:

Keep in mind that this is a politically, right-leaning platform and was started by former-President Donald J. Trump. However, it is a place where many people fled to after Trump was shut down on Twitter. There are 2.7 million folks on it, so it IS a place where you can find potential fans, so it is a viable social media platform, regardless of your politics, right?

Beyond social media:

Threads is one of the newest Twitter alternatives. Meta saw an opportunity and took it by creating this platform. It is not fleshed out as fully as some of the others. However, it is EASY to join, because it is adjoining Instagram and allows D.I.Y. Rock Stars to import their profile info, link, and photo directly from Instagram. Also, you MAY have instant followers, since it lets you choose to follow all the same accounts that you follow on Instagram in one click. –THAT’S the good part. The bad part is that there are no topics and the way the algorithm is set up right now—as of August 2023—you will see posts from people who you don’t follow on topics that you don’t care about and there is very little engagement so far—even with having a pretty instant following. According to the podcast that inspired this post, there are MANY upgrades that are in the works to make engaging better on Threads, so maybe it’s too early to rate it. However, it IS a place where you can share your music. –Let us know what YOUR experience has been on this platform.

3 Reasons why you need an email list (as a D.I.Y. Rock Star):

This Twitter alternative has been around since 2019—even though this was our first time hearing about it. According to the inspiration podcast, this platform was coded by a 19 year old woman and has some MySpace music capabilities, which makes it a wonderful choice to highlighting your music for someone who comes to your profile. There are nearly 3 million users on there already, so there should be people to interact with immediately. –No, we have not tried it yet, but it is on the list of social media platforms to add to our lineup. (We are ALREADY on 35+ social media platforms already and here's why: )

Why be one more than one social media platform?

It is commonly referred to as “Black Twitter,” but again, we had never heard of its existence. It has about 2.5 million users already and gives you the same visual and text experience as Twitter, but you need invite code in order to join, which the inspiration podcast says is off-putting, since you have to wait in order to get on it and start engaging. –Our daughter had already heard about it, but has not joined, because so far her Twitter has not run her away. –What about you? Is this a platform that you have tried?

This app has been around since 2020, according to the inspiration podcast. This app is open source and was originated by people who were formerly employed by Twitter. When you go to their website, you are “exploring” what posts are like, because you are thrown right into the app. Of course, if you would like to engage with the posts that you see and/or to make your own posts, you will need to set up an account and the buttons are right there for you to do so.

This app was created by a former original team member from Twitter, so it is supposed to have the same functionality. You need an invitation code to become active on this platform, as they are still building out the infrastructure.

We included Clubhouse on this list of Twitter alternatives, because some people still use it. From what we understand, I is not as big as it once was, because Twitter launched direct competition to it with the Twitter Spaces function, so there was no reason for folks to leave to enjoy this audio-only group feature. We believe you STILL need an invite code to join in as well.

Keep in mind, that all of these social media platforms are new and ever-changing, so what might be true, as of this post, may change before you’re even able to try them out. Also, once one social media platform sees that something MAJOR has been launched that is drawing mass attention, they will add in a similar function, so that folks won’t have to leave the original app to be able to do the thing. –The success of TikTok is one example. Because the short-form vertical video was all the rage on TikTok, apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube created a similar feature, so that users would not need to log into another platform to share short-form vertical video.


Even MORE social media platforms that you may not know:

Many people rely on Twitter very heavily—they get their news there, they form bonds there, and learn more about their craft there—so feeling as though Twitter is changing and growing into something that you may not recognize was distressing. THAT’S one reason that we were drawn to this topic. As you KNOW, our goal is to equip a D.l.Y. Rock Star with so many tools that you have options to be able to share your music and gather your fans no matter WHAT changes come about. We’re hoping that this post helps you consider the alternatives and use them according to whatever suits you.


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Need Contest Ideas for D.I.Y. Rock Stars?

What about you?

What social media platform are you on as an alternative to Twitter as a D.I.Y. Rock Star?

Leave it in the comments below.



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