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These Tips will help you Write Quicker, But Better (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

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This post was Inspired by Smart Passive Income 431: Is Writing Still a Viable Content Platform? Medium, Copywriting Tips, and More, with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

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There are so many things to get right when you’re writing that it’s important to narrow down a few techniques to keep you buoyant. These are some notes that I gleaned from Smart Passive Income and that we modified to meet the needs of D.I.Y. Rock Stars (or anyone building their own creative empire), who is in need of mastering the skill of writing quickly, but confidently.


Here are the first few tips that were shared in their episode:

  • Master writing headlines for your posts

  • Republish your articles to help them get traction

  • List articles do well–people love them! Add in numbers and you are golden! (“Eight practices before eight a.m., for instance)

  • Use the words “this” (as in “this” checklist will help you crush your day)

  • Exude confidence in your headline; you want to dare folks to click; be bold to capture folks’ attention (for an example, “Don't Do This!"