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South by Southwest 2022 Sessions Takeaways

this post is for information on Sessions

general observations, artists, and food, check out this blog post:

Day One

March 14, 2022

  • Was spent getting in and checking into our hotel.

Day Two

March 15, 2022 Second full day of SXSW


Session Name: No Label, No Problem: Indie Artists Steps to Success

Andreea Gleeson, Vickie Nauman, Lie Ning, Hessel von Oorschot

Our first session is “No Label, No Problem: Indie Artists Steps to Success” at Native Bar; this space reminds us of the vintage stores at Kensington in Toronto, where we assumed the size of the place would be small, but found that the space goes on and on (with indoor and outdoor spaces, including the ballroom that the session was held in).

The session’s main takeaways were:

1. Gatekeepers are removed and with the help of algorithms indie artists are allowed to connect directly with fans. Tools are key. As an artist, you can connect easily with a broader audience.

2. When you become overwhelmed by the myriad of choices of tools to use/master, ask yourself what is this particular tool doing for me and do I retain my rights? Can I take the audience from one platform to another?

3. Keeping your entire catalog online and having as much of the metadata completed as possible will help the independent artist make more money in the long run. Your music use can be tracked and you can get paid easier.

4. The artist on the panel suggested that fun remain a key component for manning your D.I.Y. ship; suggesting that, if managing the tools drains all the fun, then think about bringing in partners who can help with that.

5. Finally, one of the panelists had an issue with the idea of “do it yourself “ when he says that you’re not doing it yourself, because they are tools/resources available to you. However, as another panelist reminded him, there may be a time when, as a new artist, you must carry quite a bit of the weight of “doing it yourself” until you figure out who to bring in and at what price.