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Quick and Dirty Drive Through Review: St. Vincent (Detroit, Oct. 20, 2021)

Quick and Dirty Drive Through Review

St. Vincent at The Fillmore, Detroit, MI (October 20, 2021)

Dang! She made it a spectacle, with her drama-ready street stage set and her 3 dancing, choreographed background singers with full-on Afro wigs.

St. Vincent Afro Wigs by Blooming Prejippie
St. Vincent with Afro Wigged Background Singers

I can see the notes of David Byrne and definitely the theatricality of Prince. ….Meets some Devo, too. Just the kind of show that this retro-obsessed world is ready for.

It was more like seeing a Broadway musical than a show. It helped that she kept the songs short and sweet. Yep, she went in, pulled her songs out, threw down, and then went on her merry way.