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Nature or Nurture: What makes a Musical Genius?

This post loosely accompanies Gab & Jam, episode 258 Nature or Nurture: What makes a Musical Genius? (video: and podcast: )

We have a feeling that folks have debated this since before Mozart’s time, but when we find exceptionally gifted music icons, it prompts us mere mortals to ask if they were born that way or were they created? Our intention is to get YOU talking to us by proposing the ideas and letting you share YOUR opinions on this debatable topic.

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Here are some ideas to consider when trying to figure this out:


Is the facts that your parents are musicians or that you have aptitude what makes you great? Or is it training—Julliard, sitting under a master, etc.?


Their minds must be primed to undertake the tasks. Michael Jackson and Prince are great examples of having the raw, natural abilities that their parents gave even MORE tools and resources to help develop their abilities.