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How to Enjoy Chicago Post-Pandemic (July 2021)

What's not to love?

We love Chicago, so it’s no wonder that we decided to take our first BIG post-pandemic trip to a place that we already know and love. (–We JUST came back from Nashville ( , but there were so many surprises about the town that we were disquieted by ( , that we knew we wanted to go somewhere that we thought would be soothingly familiar. –We also could NOT travel to our other favorite place, Toronto, due to international travel restrictions STILL being in place.

We decided that instead of putting our memories in a photo album, we should share our experiences this time with anyone interested in what travel is like nearly post-pandemic (July 2021). What follows are some notes about our trip.


I n i t i a l I m p r e s s i o n s :


Restaurant Concessions

Restaurants have had to make concessions due to the pandemic, but many seem to be finding their own way. We can’t even really imagine what the dining choices would have been like if there HADN'T been a pandemic. We are new to trying to find unique restaurants and to finding local fare, so there seemed to be an OVERWHELMING array of choices, depending on what we were in the mood and had the budget for. 🌮🥩🍩😎🍸👏🏾