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Haters are your elevators: Case Study

This is our way of processing something that happened to us this week. What happens when someone you think is a friend tries to diminish what you’re doing? This is a case study of how we handled—and how YOU can handle—this type of negative energy.

Check out the full discussion and here’s the accompanying blog post:

This is a follow-up…

Following up on what we said in episode 117, “Haters are Your Elevators” ( ), we are having to allow some negativity to wash past us. So, in a sense, we are practicing what we preach. In fact, that is one of the ONLY reasons why we’re mentioning it. You see, we always share the GOOD stuff that happens to us, but it’s rare that we share when—and if—we’ve struggled with something—USUALLY because it’s too fresh or we don’t want to dwell on the bad stuff—because we know that there’s ALWAYS going to be bad stuff…..

Water off a duck’s back??

Usually, we don’t let much bother us—trolls are expected—and indifference is just a fact of life, most times. However, what got me THIS time was the fact that not only did I NOT see it coming, but that it was someone that we consider a friend.

Nice guy?

And, normally, I wouldn’t even take the time and energy to address something like this, but, frankly, what kinda hurt my feelings is that this vitreal is from someone who I thought was a friend and an all-around “nice” guy.

Transparency, though…

The other reason that we are taking the time to discuss this is because we like to be real with you all, which means that we take the time to share the issues relating to building a creative empire, as well as to celebrating our wins. So, this is a moment of having to dust off the shock of it and move on doing what we do.

In a “Moment”

As you may–or may not–know, we are in a moment. Our new song, “Funkalicious” (from Tony Webb) is experiencing some virality in Honduras and the video for “Every Heartbeat” is doing well in Indonesia! We ALSO have hit 32k subscribers on YouTube--we think as a result of so much music video activity in Asia lately. 💁🏾 --Anyway, we are in a celebratory mode. --That is, until THIS... 😳

It took a while to realize….

— Well, I started to realize how toxic this situation was. 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t really want to spend too long on it, but it BOTHERED me that this guy could feel so free as to NEVER have contacted us previously —and NEVER have participated in the group (even though he made it PERFECTLY clear that one time he reported someone spamming the group! 😳🙄 )— to spend all that time criticizing what we’re doing. I just wonder how he can justify THAT to his “Christian” self, when we’ve been NOTHING but supportive of him in these past few years with the things that he has been doing AND even commented well-wishes on his YouTube video (on his new channel)?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ It would just seem like a common courtesy to have done some of the SAME kinds of kind things in return—or JUST because you’re a nice guy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ So, it I guess you can see how it really IRKED my nerve that the ONLY energy he has sent our way has been to contact us to fucking criticize! 😳 WTF?! 🙄

WHY he might have done it??

—But, like Bruce said, ultimately it’s okay, because we are in a moment of receiving a large showering of blessings right now and MAYBE that’s what incensed him to the point of ACTUALLY contacting us. —In fact, PERHAPS it was worth taking the time to try to poke holes in what we’re doing, because he was SO upset at our subscriber numbers?? THAT'S really the only thing that makes sense, really.

Not waiting for approval…

—Well, the ONE thing he should know about us is that we are sitting around, waiting for permission from nor seeking approval from “normal” people like him! So, THAT'S not how we got here. We weren’t in a position to do that 7 years ago, so THAT alone is strength and growth and wisdom and, AND THAT, along with our personality—and branding, thank you very much!—is what folks are drawn to about us—PROBABLY including HIM! —so, he can fucking suck it! 🤷🏽‍♀️🙌🏾

Had a LITTLE inkling…

—I guess I KNEW that this guy was on some bullshit when he was asking in-depth questions about the fucking equipment. However, I THOUGHT that maybe he was SEEKING advice and not that he was about to rain down his TERROR of shit upon our heads! 💥 ASSHOLE! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Over it….

—Anyway, I am “officially” past it! —And I DIDN'T even mention it when I sent out our celebration post yesterday—which I STARTED to include something like “even though we’re doing it ALL WRONG!” —But you KNOW what? I realized that “all wrong” is owning shit that simply AIN’T true and just because this fucking guy thinks it’s all-wrong is NOT my identity, so I deleted that shit and just let it be a fucking celebration post! 👏🏾 —Ultimately, we didn’t let this asshole get into our heads! 💥 🙏🏽 –And instead, we have USED this indignation as fuel for a kick-ass episode and blog post!

So, we are hoping that THIS mighty rant has helped any of YOU that might be experiencing what amounted to an ambush of your art by someone who you thought was nice.

What about you?

What when have YOU had to rise above haters?


An apology....

Needless to say, the person who was the catalyst for this episode apologized the day after it aired.... 💁🏾 THIS speaks to the power of having a presence that is being watched. --We promptly accepted his apology. 🌹 After all, he HAD been a friend to our family for years, so we weren't ready to burn the bridge over a disagreement about how we should conduct our YouTube channel. --AND I can't say that it wasn't NICE to know that we spoke out in the first place to defend our honor. But we feel for the guy, too, because he is right at the beginning of his OWN YouTube journey--and if you'll recall, that was a pretty TRYING time for us, so we are taking THIS into consideration as to why he was so upset with seeing folks who are "doing it all wrong"--but have been doing it for SEVEN years--succeed with less than what he thinks is the best set-up and execution. 💁🏾 --But that's HIS problem and NOT ours.... 😳 (If you're interested, THIS is from the early part of our YouTube channel.)


So, will we do it again? HELL, YEAH! 🙌🏾 In fact, our NEXT livestream is scheduled for Friday, June 30, where we will debut for Bourgeoisie Paper Jam’s next single “One Love.” We will also premiere the music video live and on-air—unless you are a member of our Patreon community. (If you’re in our Patreon, you will see the video one week earlier. Join here.)

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· We’re featured in Variety Magazine!

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· The Tony Webb "Funkalicious" video is going crazy in Honduras, y'all!

· One of our videos for our song, “Tell Me What You Want,” is going gangbusters in Vietnam!

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Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!




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