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Basic legal documents for the D.I.Y. Rock Star

Loosely accompanies Gab & Jam 226. Basic legal documents for the D.I.Y. Rock Star (video: and podcast: )

Once you start understanding that being a D.I.Y. Rock Star means having some business savvy, you will appreciate this episode. If you’re not there yet, bookmark this episode to come back to. In this episode, we share some legal documents to consider having as a D.I.Y. Rock Star.

*This is a non-sponsored post and please don’t take anything here as legal advance. Consult a lawyer to make sure the contracts you create are accurate to your business.

These are reasons why you would want the relationship to cover. If there is any dispute, there is at least a place to see what the expectations were at the beginning. That's the approach to this episode; to share the basic documents that will help protect your interests as you build your creative empires.

Check out the episode to hear the full discussion:

This topic was inspired by You Are The Brand podcast, Episode 320. How to Protect Your Business with (Legal) Bubble Wrap with Ashley Fillingim



Client contracts

1. Coaching contracts (more than just how many sessions you will have; if you are discussing new ideas, there is a chance that the coach may try to gain leverage with it, if there is nothing in the contract that says he/she can’t)

2. Service agreements

3. Rules of engagement

4. Event hosting (rules for folks coming to your event)

5. Courses

6. Live performances (for folks who will be performing; or for you, as a performer)

Collaborative contracts

1. Partnerships (who is responsible for what?)

2. Affiliate relationships (if you help me sell my _____, I will give you a portion of the proceeds; it’s great to have all the expectations in writing, so that you are clear on what is supposed to happen on both sides)

3. Sponsorships agreements (for folks who are going to sponsor your podcast, YouTube video, etc.)

4. Manufacturing agreements (if you’re creating a product)

5. Non-disclosure agreements (if you’re just talking about working together and sharing confidential information, it’s best if you have one of these in place)

Website legal

1. Rules of agreement for if someone is interacting with you through your website or some other online platform

2. Terms and conditions

3. Privacy policy (required by law to collect someone’s email online and other identifying information and it tells them how you plan to use this information)

Folks ask if you can just download one you find online?

  • The answer is that it doesn’t fit—just as you wouldn’t put an 11 year old in Shaquille O’Neal’s business suit.

  • It won’t represent your unique brand.

  • It is likely to need quite a bit of tweaking to make it just right.

Things to keep in mind:

· According the podcast, most businesses are just one lawsuit away from going out of business, so taking care of these logistics is like “bubble wrapping” your business.

· Be wary of offering “guarantees” (for instance, I will continue to coach you until you make money. Or we will guarantee that you will make enough to cover the cost of this service.)

· Do you need a PDF contract for every single one of your business activities? Not necessarily, but your business SHOULD have them for the critical things that you do often.

· If your business grows, you will need either a lawyer—more expensive—or Legal Zoom—to make sure your contracts are in keeping with you want with your interactions. –No, this is NOT a sponsored post, so….

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What about you?

What legal documents do you think you will need while you are engaging and growing in your creative empire? We’ve love to hear from you.

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