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3 Unusual Ways to Make Your Art More Attractive to New Fans

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This post very loosely accompanies Gab & Jam Episode Ep 139

3 Unusual Ways to Make Your Art More Attractive to New Fans

Great art sells itself???? 🧐

Does “Great art sells itself”? This supposes that the artist doesn’t need to worry about anything but creating damn good work.

If you know ANYTHING about us, you will realize that we can’t afford to think that way, if we want to start seeing our vision for our creative future come to life. If we want to impact more people by letting them discover our music, then we have to do MORE than simply work on creating “good art”—the very term alone is problematic (but that’s a topic for another show). Instead, as D.I.Y. Rock Stars, it is our job to work the plan of getting our work into the hands and heads and ears to as many people on this planet as possible. That’s why Andy J. Pizza’s “Creative Pep Talk” Podcast, Episode 284 caught my attention. In it, he lists 3 unusual ways to make your art more attractive to new fans. And in order to improve your creative empire’s reach, we’re going to share those ways with you now. (To see how he inspired us, check out video: and podcast:

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'Judge a book by its cover?!

To be fair, he argues that AFTER folks have experienced your art the first time, they may come back based on its merits, which is why we limit THIS particular post to getting that FIRST bit of attention from potential fans.

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In his episode, Pizza tries to get at the root of the answer to why people buy what they buy? Do data, facts, and stats sell you on something? He says, in fact, we don’t buy things for their merit, instead we buy a story. Because no one wants to waste their time, it’s a little harder to convince people to spend time trying you out, but there are ways that we can kind of sniff out something that seems like it’s going to be worth our time—or not.

Here are those unusual strategies....

As an artist who has been deeply encouraged by others’ art, Pizza says that it is your JOB to get your art into the hands of the inflicted, because your art is the elixir that will solve their deep-seated pains. Here are the ways he suggest you tell your story to get them to give you a listen.

1. Get some allies.

Share your influences, because it helps draw folks who like those artists curious about your art. For instance, for our upcoming record release, we know that if you enjoy funk artists like Rick James and Sly Stone, you will appreciate the music on our “Sugar Fit” album. Tell people who inspired you, because it will help shape what people feel they can expect from your work. “It will help people like you understand that you are like them,” is kinda how Pizza put it.

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2. Test it out.

One of the lines that resonated with us is that “You don’t buy a Toyota from a guy you who drives a Honda.” In other words, if you want people to buy your music, pump your music. If you want others to wear your merch, wear your merch. The idea is that people will be convinced that what you’re doing is special, if you treat it as special. That’s one reason why we wear our own merch quite often, because 1) we like it and think it looks cool, and 2) because we make great models (and want others to wear it too). In other words, Pizza says, “Believe in yourself before other people do.” We always say, “Be the patron of your own art” or “Invest in yourself,” before you go out looking for investment from others. This helps tell your story.

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3. Answer Your Enemies.

Identify who—or what—you want to critique and use that as the basis for some creative work. According to Pizza, James Murphy (from LCD Sound System) says, “The best way to complain is to make something.” By identifying and addressing the enemies, you can make your work more accessible to new friends. People who think the same way you do are looking for validation; you may end up being JUST that confirmation that they need for feeling the way they feel (and you were JUST “sharing,” right?). (For instance, our ENTIRE D.I.Y. Rock Star ethos is our critique on the idea that you NEED approval for the Major Label Music Biz Wizard in order to create, market, and sell your music. –Add in D.I.Y. blog post) So think about what bugs you and react to it with your counter point through your art. You will attract those who feel the same way, but may have never been brave enough to express.

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Though, this is NOT a review of the “Creative Pep Talk” podcast, it IS my new favorite, because this guy talks about being intentional and nurturing your creative practice—whatever it happens to be—which is ABSOLUTELY one of our favorite topics!

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What do you think?

What strategies should we add to our list?

We would LOVE to hear about it!

Please share in the comments below.

Until next time we meet, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease.

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