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Rock Star Rewind: Tired of Corona…. (May 2020)

Flashback to Move Forward (February 2020)  --Blooming Prejippie


You know what? I am SO over this Coronavirus thing! Getting to my current mood has taken three weeks. The first week, we were in shock. The second week, we were drawn to giving encouragement and wanted to remain productive. This is week three and we are absolutely swimming in Coronavirus coverage—with speculation and no long-term plan in sight—that now, I just want to create, improve, admire something that is NOT connected to Coronavirus! —I couldn’t even ENJOY binging on the couch, because it doesn't feel as if I am really getting AWAY from anything, because the idea that this situation—right now—is ENDLESS keeps haunting me. So, the ONLY thing that is helping me is going back to my list that we created the first week this started ( ) and working on the things that I know were important before, are important to us now, and will be important no matter when we come out of this. (—So, for us, that means back to work on the funk album, updating our websites, and maybe even dusting off that online course that I never finished…..) So, that’s the plan for now. Return to the vision…...

Vision Board ( )

9 Things to Do to Move Your Creative Empire Forward --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Here are the ways to stay productive and moving forward on your music and creative goals during this unusual time.

Get Sh*t Done Weekly Planning Method  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Emerging Alliances...

However, we can say that one of the only things keeping us sane has been this new bit of partnering that we’ve been doing with fellow D.I.Y. Rock Stars, including our tour of Grove Studios ( and our participation in the Daily So