Rock Star Rewind: The Creamy Middle…(March 2020)

Flashback to Move Forward (February 2020)  --Blooming Prejippie

We are the creamy middle….

Yes, this is a very loose reference to one of our all-time favorite, finding-yourself movies (Fight Club). Let us explain.

Here's a look at our latest Gab & Jam.

Do you know about our Song-a-Week Challenge?

(Here’s our “19 for 2019 Goals”: )

Get Sh*t Done Weekly Planning Method  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

When we sat down to write this month’s message, it was more difficult than most. We’re more in the planning stages and not celebrating anything in particular. Ultimately, we decided to go back to the basics. So, this month’s message is more about encouraging you to continue to focus on your vision, as are we. So, we’re just vibing. No epiphanies this week. No massive threshold hit. We’re back to basics.

What are the top 3 things on our minds? 1. Networking at SXSW 2020 2. Breathing new life into our brand 3. Maintaining our content output

Projects and a mission….

Having given much thought to that, we walked away with a few projects and a mission.

1. The first of which is to keep what we’re doing going no matter what, since that is the creamy middle. It took Amy Porterfeld ( ) to remind us that people need us to share OUR unique journey in order for them to find their own purpose. Without continuing to stay visible in the areas that we are wanting to work at, we are assured that nothing great will happen for us (and for our tribe). That’s the mission.

2. The second is to be sure to complete these projects that are going to help us make a difference for SXSW. For us, there are the things that are a MUST: Branded T-shirts, logo jacket, pens, etc. And a new funk album, as well as an updated landing page (with an improved synch licensing page section). These are the projects.

—If we don’t get these created and ordered in the next few weeks, we won’t have them for the conference. Not that they will make all the difference in the world, but they can’t hurt. And just having these things will give us a different kind of confirmation than not having them. —Personally, I love the idea of passive advertising, so having other people “discover” us from what we’re wearing is just the easiest! (Did you miss this? )

3. The third and final thing is to remember that, while we want to make the most of each moment, we still need to stop overthinking and just keep pitching. Morning, noon, and night. That’s right. So, dropping a few songs toward sync opportunities is a constant activity, no matter what. Period.

If we stick to that regime and never waver—no matter what—we know it will pay off.

5 Ways to Turn Failure is Your Friend  --Blooming Prejippie