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Tips for Navigating South By Southwest (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

5 Tips for Finding Your Musical Voice  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

(This post accompanies Gab & Jam 102 Tips for Navigating

South By Southwest Conference (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

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This episode is a part of our Blog-vember 2019 trifecta of three posts a day—a video, a podcast, and a blog post. This year the focus is tips for the D.I.Y. Rock Star. We developed these methods through our own decades worth of experiences.

The BIG Take-Aways:

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the South By Southwest conference. (see blog posts for more detailed tips: and ) The minute they release the schedule—which they do on the app—figure out your schedule. There is SOOOO much to do, so you don’t want to get lost in the overwhelm. Stick to your plan. Don’t try to do everything. Stay focused on what you are looking to get out of South By Southwest.

—When we went last year, it was our first time and, though we thought we were prepared, it was so massive that we weren’t sure if we should ditch our plans to do other things. We learned that this is NOT the way to do it. What ends up happening is that it is hard to find your way back to your big objectives and might miss the moment in doing so. What is going to be your end game? Focus on that. Stay focused on that. We ended up wasting time on things that were not for us.

What we learned after sitting through things that we didn’t need to; if there are overlapping sessions that interest you, be prepared to leave a session that doesn’t seem fruitful if there is something better happening elsewhere. Position yourself near the end of the aisle, so that you can leave easily. Also, don’t be afraid to divide and conquer, if there are two or more of you.