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Music Biz Growth Hacks #1

Music Biz Growth Hacks #1  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Want to side-step the B.S.?

Growing your creative empire? Trying to get there faster? These proven "growth hacks" will help you shortcut some of the BS and feel a sense of progress sooner.

We know that people tend to be tight-lipped about the things that they are doing that actually work to grow their brands. They want to show you all the results, but rarely want to pull back the curtain on what they actually DID to move that ball forward. Not us. We plan to share the dirty truth with you about how we grew our social media following from 0 to over 17k in less than 3 years, about how we maintain a presence of a variety of different social media platforms (with a blog, a podcast show, and a YouTube channel), and how we are forging community with fellow artists and creating relationships with established brands. We’re going to share it ALL! Why? Because when we started out, this is JUST the type of information that we would have wanted to find. So, we’re going to walk the talk and share as much as we can, as often as we can. This is the first post of our new Music Biz Growth Hacks series.....

Making the most of Facebook posts....

This particular growth hack was pulled directly from my daily journal:

—Oh, I NEARLY forgot, but one of our goals is product endorsements. And we had been going about it the traditional way (—asking, but feeling as if it was begging) for a little while. Another one of goals is to cut out taking out ads by finding more effective —and cost effective—ways to market our posts.

(If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a vision, please start here, then come back.)