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Rock Star Rewind: Windows of Opportunity (September 2019)

Rock Star Rewind March 2019 --Blooming Prejippie Zine

There’s plenty to go around…

The more we do, the more we realize that opportunities to spread our message and our music are literally everywhere! And that we are only limited by the amount of energy and effort that we decide to put into tapping into—or even creating—the opportunities for what we want to do.

Managing our time and expectations….

Here's a look at our latest Gab & Jam.

Working on finding/making opportunities has awakened to the fact that we must be constantly working to meet three levels of engagement. We use our PAST to tally our progress, to celebrate wins, and to chronicle our experiences. (That’s part of the purpose this monthly newsletter serves.) We use the FUTURE to prospect our grand vision and to set goals based on where we want to be. But we are firmly in the PRESENT to continue to put out content for all our platforms (blog, podcast, and YouTube), as well as keep songs being written, recorded, and distributed; all while pitching yet other songs for placement opportunities. We must also drop seeds into that networking ground, wherever the opportunity presents itself (through our Facebook groups, etc.). This last activity is working squarely in the PRESENT, but toward a future harvest. Over these last three years, we have figured out what to do and right about now, it’s about keeping all those balls in the air, while remembering to breathe and enjoy each level that we grow up and over and onto the next level.