Rock Star Rewind: Freedom to…. (August 2019)

You Choose . . .

We’ve been hearing about summer being both the chance to unwind, but yet the chance to do some deep work. Ultimately, it is a chance to be mindful about how you choose to spend that time. And that’s what this post is about…

Almost Our 3rd Blog-versary. . .

We’re heading up to toward our three-year anniversary of publishing the blog and some of having been around for long enough to figure a few things out is starting to set-in. While it has been on my agenda to get to those early blog posts and add our cavalcade of social media links and/or to add in a few opt-ins hooks, as the weeks progressed, I just kept planning all that forward; just trying to stay on-pace with publishing according to our schedule—roughly three posts a week (video, podcast, and blog)—and to look for new opportunities to expand our reach/network and to make required room for creating AND for decompressing. It always seemed that all of the latter took precedence over the great intentions of the former.

Here's a look at our GearFest 2019 coverage.

Moving back to move forward??

However, as we are moving forward with building that brand related to our music biz expertise, we started realizing that some of those early posts can be spit and shined, and would make lovely entries in our Be the Next D.I.Y. Rock Star educational series. –So, in order to TRULY move forward, we had to reach back?? –Yes, the time we would save with not having to write completely original pieces would more than make up for the time spent doing the thing, right?

—Not quite. . .

You see, it’s hard for us to go back and re-visit something/anything creative—even if doing so will help in the end. We’re weirdly sentimental and instead of looking at the posts/songs pragmatically, we get caught up in the emotion that led to that art and lose our focus on bringing clarity or enhancing the structure, etc. And then, one thing leads to the other; and before we know it, changing one thing in a post has us trying to find—or make links and graphics—that in another post. Once that other post is pulled up, the same process happens, because it generally was linked to something else; less efficient, more hassle. Ugh!?

Anyway, with half the year over—where did it go?!—we’re happy to see some progress (even if it isn’t all that we had hoped to accomplish by this time).

Here's our Fender unboxing.

Sadly, still languishing….

  • Email course and eBooks

  • Music video (lyric+creative)

Here are our proudest moments this month:


  • Episode 63: “Musical Artists Who’ve Had Dramatic Transformations” (video and podcast)




We're featured at :21 in Sweetwater's GearFest 2019 video. Check it out!



Song Clips:

24. “Bringing Sunshine”

25. “Start Over”

26. “Old Timey Rock and Roll”

Songs to SoundCloud:

24. “So Much Better”

25. “Grow Old Together”

26. “Mystique”

Here's a look at our latest episode.

(HERE'S HOW WE PLAN: Weekly Blogging Planning Method)

What have YOU decided is worth moving back for in order to clean up--or clear up--details?

We’d love to hear about how you were able to accomplish this.

Please share in the comments below.

Until next we meet, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease!

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