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Gearfest 2019 Key Music Biz Take-Aways for the D.I.Y. Rock Star

Hustle for Musicians  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

What happens during the music biz workshops, yo?!

It occurred to us that it might be interesting to know some key advice that might help fellow D.I.Y. Rock Stars like you move the needle forward for your music biz-related goals and vision. In other to serve that need, we have taken notes from the sessions that we attended at this year’s Gearfest (see the video here), here are the key take-aways. (—Keep in mind that Gearfest is mostly about discovering—and buying and using—great musical gear, there are opportunities for music business enrichment, as well as live performances.) (Check out the video.)

“Using YouTube to Get Discovered”

Moderator: Mitch Gallagher

Panelists: Casey Cooper, Jared Falk, Kristina Schiano, Rob Scallon, Tim Pierce

Even though this was a session that they had last year—and seems hugely popular—we decided to attend again. It was well-worth checking it out again, since there was slightly different wisdom that was shared. (—We did decide that the name of this session is a misnomer; since these tips are more for figuring out how to be successful to achieve your own success versus trying to attract the attention of a major label, manager, etc.)

The key take-ways for us were as follows:

  • Post regularly. Pick a schedule and stick to it. Imagine you went to watch your favorite show, but you never know when it’s going to come on?