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We Must Have Been Living Under a Rock: Stromae Review

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Stromae Review

Stromae - Racine Carrée Live (Full Concert) - YouTube

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Date night (on the couch)

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Bruce and I discovered Stromae when we were researching our trip to Paris. Not only did we search YouTube for Paris tips and tricks, but also to get a feel for the type of music that folks listen to there. The first playlist we came upon was more or less a Parisian versions of the hip hop videos that are so similar to the ones here in the States and those left us a little discouraged.

We were asking ourselves “Is that all folks in the world are interested in are those same tired old themes of having things and boasting about how great we all are?” We happened upon another list of Parisian “independent” music. It was on that list that we found Indila, Kendje, and, voila! Stromae.