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Not Keeping Quiet About It: You're Not Alone

You're Not Alone  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

You are not alone….

If you’re like us, you hate when folks seem like they are jumping on the bandwagon of a current, hot topic. Instead of embracing how similar we are on that topic, we would generally turn away; hating to see someone seemingly exploit a topic for what seems like an opportunity to ignite their own success. That is probably why we hadn’t written many political songs (especially in the last couple of years). We did not want anyone to accuse us of being a “What’s Hot Whore.” But, if you know anything about us, you will know that when we really and truly feel that we should express ourselves, we are not shy to do so. Having said that, this topic—which is very hot right now—has lead us to speak our minds on the issue. We felt that by holding back, we are missing the opportunity to reach out to those who have not heard this message enough.

We've recently heard that there's a link to Opioid use and suicide--which seemed to be underlying cause for some of these unfortunate occurrences. According to an article in Bicycle Health, major risk factors include opioid use--along with chronic pain issues and psychiatric factors--only increases the odds that one may commit suicide.

Not that the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain (more on this here) bear out that they were hooked on opioids--in fact, Bourdain's toxicology report showed NO opioid use, but it pays to understand the possible consequence.

Further, we feel that we need to share the message to those contemplating suicide—no matter who you are—that you are not alone. Every person is valuable and that if you need help, there is always someone—either close to you (family and friends) or a call away (agencies who specialize in helping)—who you can share your burdens with, who can help you count your blessings, and can help you assess your future brightness. We know that sometimes it is hard to see the bigger picture when you’re weighed down and while we are no mental health experts, we know that all of us have been at low points in our lives, where we thought we couldn’t make it. We know that when you can’t find the reason to move on to something brighter by yourself that you should seek outside help.