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Five Benefits of Setting Specific Monthly Goals

Blog-vember Day 20  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Originally published at Blog-vember #20

Before living this big bad blogging life (see our Pinterest Board), I was aware of having very general short and long-term goals. I already knew that goals are necessary to keep one focused on what’s important and to make room for that activity in a weekly manner. What I hadn’t been doing until now was setting very specific monthly goals. –Again, what I like about this blogging community (ala Facebook Blogging Groups) is that they are forthcoming with what works for them and they constantly challenging bloggers who want to be successful to do more toward this goal. –One bit of advice that I see constantly is to be regular and intentional with our practice—whether that’s in posting, social media scheduling, email marketing, or with goals. At first, I scoffed at all of what seemed like what I thought was turning me into this animatron; but I finally tried it with my monthly goals and now I am completely sold.

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In October, instead of using my amorphous calendar app—or even Google Calendar—to track my goals and subsequent activities, I decided to invest in a planner specifically dedicated to our blogging activities. I looked at a monthly view and taking account for holidays, where I added some type of giveaway or promotional activity—again, a new concept for us—I made a list of our monthly target for important areas of our blog: blog subscribers, YouTube subscribers, number of posts, number of videos posted, giveaways. Along with the specific targeted goals for the month, I added in a planning section for longer term goals that need prep within this coming month.

What I have found out in the 2 months that I have met and exceeded some of these goals rather easily and that others I have fallen way short. It helped me to realize what I should be spending my time on weekly. The areas that are lacking were not being attended to properly and now, I knew. I can honestly say that I have accomplished more in these two months than I have since we started (last April), which was pleasantly surprising and addicting. So now, two months in, to others who are similarly-situated, I have this bit of advice.

Setting specific monthly goals is important, because:

  1. Keep you focused. Since there are only so many hours in a day and by having those goals before you assure that you keep doing things that advance those particular goals.

  2. Shows progress. I did not realize that I had achieved one of our goals until I looked at my goal and then at the actual data. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that at least some of what we are doing is paying off.

  3. Shows what needs attention. Again, the areas where we fell short were a reminder of a place that could be shored up, so that results match our goals next month.

4. Data for sharing. If you are exceedingly proud of a goal that you met or exceeded, having the actual data of that progress might be worth sharing with your readers/viewers in the next newsletter or mailing. Nothing succeeds like success, so the people who care for you and care about you will want to celebrate with you and they may even share with their circle of friends.

5. Provide roadmap for next month. The way I had been planning our time previously did not allow me to know what specifically to do for the next month to achieve goals. It also didn’t allow me to re-assess whether this was still a short-term goal. Perhaps if getting the desired number of subscribers every month was a easy goal to meet, then maybe we should focus our time and energy on one of our other goals. Or maybe we want to set a new goal altogether (like learning more about that nurture email cycle).

All I know is that I am hooked! It is the end of another month and tomorrow, we will sit down and decide what our goals are for the month and we will write them down in our planner, so that we can be our energies go where our goals are. I hope you will do something similar for whatever is important to you.

What is your way of goal planning? What tool do you use?

How often do you check your progress?

Please share what insight you’ve learned from your own process

in the comments below.

As always, wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease! Until tomorrow….

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