Blog-vember #3 (No Prince) But the Revolution: Mini Concert Review

Blog-vember Day 3  -- Blooming Prejippie Zine

(No Prince) But the Revolution: Concert Review

Detroit, Majestic Theatre May 20, 2017

Wendy  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Anyone who knew me in high school—circa 1982-1986—knew that I was a die-hard Prince fan. I went to his Detroit concerts, bought all his albums, and fancied myself a proud musical “colleague,” if ever we were to meet.

Therefore, it is only fitting that, after his sudden death this year, that Bruce and I would ventured out to see the Revolution (at the Majestic Theatre) without Prince. Date night, done right.

It was everything that they promised; a rip-roaring sing-a-long of classic Prince tunes. They even ventured into the infamous “vault” twice (which was met with a rather chilly response).

Finally, the odd-tempo-ed song, “When Doves Cry,” provided the most interesting and engaging part of the set. The stand-in for Prince was able to breathe enough life into the song to get his die-hard fans thumping along.

The Princeless Revolution

After that, it was time to head for the car (even if a tad prematurely; before the concert had ended).

—I will admit that is the first time I have liked “1999.” Anyone who knows me, knows that this is not my favorite (in a sea of Prince songs). But the way they performed it tonight, along with the realization of what the lyrics were saying, had me hooked.

—Hey, it was well worth the $35 ticket to be able to dance all night with my hubby snubby, reminisce on what great work Prince had done, and to memorialize him in a communal setting. (In fact, the song “Sometimes It Snows in April” was the ode to Prince in the show. A fan collapsed with a combination of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and general sadness during the song. Wendy was able to continue with her anthem to Prince after the fan was tended to.

Again, it took us back to a specific moment in our Prince history—that 1999 and Parade album period—which was not bad. It is just that Prince released a whopping 40 albums and I mistakenly assumed we might visit other time periods…. –I know, my bad, right? Wendy can only speak to those memories that were made when she was with him.

As an exercise in purple solidarity, I am happy that we were there. As a knock-out concert experience, it won’t go on my “Best of” list….

Do you have any experience that made you feel like you were part of something larger than yourself?

Let us know when, where, and what you were doing in the comments below.

As always, wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease. Until tomorrow...

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