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Spillin' Tea (November 2017)

November Newsletter

We’re ending another month, where we ask ourselves where the f*ck did it go?! Heading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday, we have just completed our second giveaway—Halloween for Creatives—and are about to announce our “Find Our Tribe” Airpods Giveaway (geared at Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Ben Harper fans) and our Thanksgiving “Gratitude Grab Bag,” which will launch simultaneously. We are also completing classes in Music Business Management and Songwriting at The Detroit Institute of Music Education. Also, the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot is just around the corner. (I swear we have a post coming on our whole running/fitness exploits coming soon!) –Oh, and we made time to have a few friends of ours over at the studio to create something new and beautiful…. Whew! We have a lot to do, because the more let you all into our world—through giveaways and in other circulation—the closer we are at achieving our lifelong goals.

My mom passed a year ago this month and that makes me realize that life is short, but that every day is that chance to live our dreams and to make the impact that we had planned to on our world. #EveryDayIsAGift

In case you missed it, Episode 2 of Gab and Jam went live. Here are links to the YouTube episode, the blog post, and the podcast on Soundcloud. We also shed a little light on our latest Guilty Pleasures Songs Version 2.0, and have dished on the 5 Reasons that Bloggers—and any creative folks—Need Pseudonyms. Check out that post if your work-life reputation could be damaged by your creative endeavors.

Gab and Jam Episode 2: Should Bad Guys Win?!

Oh, we lost our Amazon Affiliates status due to lack of sales…. Somehow, though it is not readily apparent now, I think it will be their loss in the long-run, since we are going to keep growing and we will simply find some other affiliate relationship where we can develop mutually-beneficial ties. –We have NO idea what happens to those links that we’ve already invested countless hours putting in, but, oh well…. That’s another problem for another day; not today.

Because today, we are only radiating peace and light…

Until next time, we wish you love, peace, and chicken grease.