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10k YouTube Subscribers: How’d we get here?

This post loosely accompanies Gab & Jam, 10k YouTube Subs: How’d we get here?

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This is how it all started….

So, when we started, a friend of ours had a YouTube channel and had 10k subscribers–but he had started in 2011–but STILL, we looked at the videos that he made and the engagement that he had and chose that as our goal. We were thinking that it MUST be attainable to grow by pretty much just showing up pretty regularly without any sponsors and without terribly splashy videos and with no celebrities featured on our channel. –His channel focuses on bass guitar-related reviews. –We figured if we just put our videos out and at least TRIED to shout about it from some rooftops (like on social media), we SHOULD be able to get there. –THAT was in 2017. And we had 137 subscribers…..😳😬

The little engine that could….

So, it was about 5 years ago that we started posting videos, which early on, were scattered between live performance covers and unboxings, mostly. It was in August 2017 that we started Gab & Jam. Having a regularly-scheduled talk show/podcast to prepare for set us up to be where we are now.

Fast forward…

To-date, we are at 230+ episodes and just last week, we hit that 10,000 subscriber mark! 💥 😳 🙌🏾 It was thrilling to hit that goal, so we thought we’d TRY to figure out what it was that got us here.