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10 ways to nurture your fans 💌

This post loosely accompanies Gab & Jam, episode 237 10 ways to nurture your fans

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As D.I.Y. Rock Stars, folks who have decided that we’re “their folks” are some of our most valuable assets. This episode piggybacks on our 3 Summer Music Promo Tips ( ) with some additional ways to nurture those folks who’ve already shown interest in you and your music. This episode was Inspired by the Other Record Labels podcast, episode 188, “How to Surprise Your Fans.”

3 Summer Music Promo Tips

1. Learn Their Birthday…

Find a way to gather and store that valuable nugget of information, so that you can acknowledge folks directly. The podcast mentioned that adults don’t usually have people make a big deal about them on that day, so when someone DOES remember it, it makes folks feel good (which helps deepen your relationship).