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10 Reasons to you should buy ads for your music

This post is loosely Gab & Jam 234. Should you buy ads for your music?

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We KNOW that this is a contentious topic, but give us a minute to explain why we are emphatic about it....

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Why ads?

While this idea was piqued my interest from the Creative Juice podcast episode 221, but it really builds on what we’ve heard from some of our favorite fellow creators, like Brian Hazard (of “How I’m Promoting My Music” email), Tom Ray’s Art Podcast, and ALSO is the cornerstone of the artist mentoring program that we JUST completed recently ( ).

Isn't there another way?

So, what we’ve learned is that ads are a necessary evil, if you want to get folks to hear your music (beyond your family and friends, and the 10% of the followers that your social media platforms THINK should see it. ) (If you want to know more about how we feel about sharing on MANY social media platforms, check this out; .) But we’re not favoring one platform over another, since in all the folks that we’ve mentioned above, though most do Facebook ads, they also mention that they do TikTok, Spotify, and Google ads to draw people to their music.