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Here’s the story, Morning Glory

on the duo, Bourgeoisie Paper Jam (BPJ). The members of the funk powerhouse are husband and wife team, Bruce and Vox. 


They make a sweet+savory musical experience, which helps describe their latest album, “Sugar Fit”—their 11th studio album. The music is funky and harkens back to Sly Stone, Prince and Johnny Guitar Watson, but it's the album for funk fans of yesterday, but only if they're ready for some new songs. Smooth and creamy on top with a crunch at its core. 


But that ain’t it, chief! They also truly personify the nature of the D.I.Y. Rock Stars—a name that they coined—because not only do they write music, but they run a blog/YouTube channel/podcast that caters to nurturing a D.I.Y. lifestyle.


Yep, though they do ALL the things, their MAIN thing is to give you more of the crunchy sweet music that you came for. 


You won't forget; and you will be back. 


  • Exclusive livestreams

  • Early access to songs

  • Access to unreleased material

  • Invitation to live events

  • Free merch

  • Merch discounts

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