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New Year Special! 💥

'Need a last minute Christmas gift for the
D.I.Y. Rock Star in your life?
Or is it
you that wants to take control of your creative journey just in time for 2024? 

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Be the NEXT D.I.Y. Rock Star Handbook

  • Instant Download

  • Roadmap + Mindset for charting the journey for creating, growing, and maintaining a musically creative empire from scratch

  • Motivating practical, actionable strategies for every level of your journey; from beginner to veteran music artists

  • From the original D.I.Y. Rock Stars, Vox & Bruce Henderson, a two-person team that built a successful YouTube channel, podcast, and blog–all while growing their music empire

$30 value

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Be the NEXT D.I.Y. Rock Star Handbook


  • Instant Download

  • Digitally fillable or printable

  • Allows you to reflect on handbook concepts

  • Walk away with strategies to implement TODAY!

  • Questions to kickstart your journey for charting the journey for creating, growing, and maintaining a musically creative empire from scratch

$30 value

Special offer
Buy together 
Now $29.99

(a 50% discount)

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You will learn:

  • How to find your artistic voice

  • How to find your “people”—the fans that resonate with your unique message 

  • How to consistently add to—and  nurture—the people who want the music you make 

  • How to use your social media as a tool to work for you—but NOT have to get sucked up online all day

  • How to brand yourself (do that you become automatically attractive to the people you serve)

  • How to develop your creative vision—and why that’s important 

  • How to maintain your motivation for the long haul —since being a viral sensation is NOT the norm

New Fire Music BPJ Write Up August 14, 2023.png

Who are we?

Bruce & Vox Henderson are not only the funky core members of the musical duo Bourgeoisie Paper Jam, but they are also husband and wife. They have just released their 12th studio album, "Obtanium Flow," which has been on over 250 playlists since its first single debuted in April 2023.

What’s unique about them is that
they “walk the talk,” building their corner of the universe from almost nothing in 2016 into what it is now. THAT makes the advice in this book, Be the NEXT D.I.Y. Rock Star Handbookwith accompanying workbook— that much more valuable, because they’re not just spouting platitudes, but have their sleeves rolled up and are actually in the trenches constructing this thing one brick at a time.

This, first book, gives others who are interested in achieving some of these goals—like
building a YouTube subscriber count of 55k to knowing when to bring in help to growing a branded social media presence—a place to start. THIS is the place where you will glean how to do that for your music, so that you, too, can Be the NEXT D.I.Y. Rock Star. ⭐️

Don’t delay! Get your copy TODAY

As a BONUS, receive an instantly downloadable and digitally fillable workbook to help you take action on the ideas presented in the book. Consider this personal accountability partner:

1) as you decide what you want for your music artist career and 


2) as you decide on what actions to take to get there.

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