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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Bad news first?? 😬(October 2023)

Bad news first??

Wound up in facebook jail 🙄 Do I sound like a broken record? –WOULDN'T you know it, but the week before this last livestream, Facebook went back a year and pulled down probably a good number of posts, claiming that the links that I am posting is a threat to cybersecurity. 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ What the actual fuck?! 😳 —Oh, and they ALSO canceled the livestream that I had set up on Facebook. 😳 —LUCKILY, we DON'T rely on just one social media platform, as we’ve said in the past and STILL had links set up and circulating for our YouTube livestream. So, instead of TRYING to reset up the Facebook links, we just went live at 7–WITHOUT formally setting it up—and KEPT referring folks to YouTube, because—mysteriously—the Facebook livestream kept stalling out. 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ Whatever. 🤷🏽‍♀️ The GOOD news is that we got it all done and can move in with life. —And we were happy that many of you were happy to join us DESPITE these setbacks.

Here is the replay, in case you missed it:

We’re excited! 🥳

–YES, we know we’re ALWAYS “excited” around here….. But, REALLY, we’re four months into the release of singles from our album, Obtanium Flow, and we’re jazzed about the international response to–quite frankly–ALL of the 5 singles up til now. –Did you know that we’ve been on over 225 playlists since April 2023?! That’s pretty amazing, right?! And while we would LOVE to take the credit for all that, it has really been with the help of Groover–but we told you about them before: see here, if you forgot.

How we got on 18 playlists in one week:

New “faster” season 💨

We are FULLY aware that we are heading into a new “faster” season with a new set of demands on our time and energy, but we are going to stay on top of our commitment to the rest of the roll out of this album. That’s why we are putting the finishing touches on another single and have scheduled the livestream for its debut on October 20, 2023 at 7 pm. (For Facebook, access our page right before livestream: )

So, when we saw that we were featured in New Music Fire blog, we were thrilled!


We KNOW we say it all the time, but we REALLY do appreciate how much time you invest in checking in on us! Your presence is felt and we value your interest. Also, if you’d like to how you can help further our journey, there are quite a variety of ways to do so. Choose the one(s) that work for you.

Here's where to go next:

• New “retro flow” t-shirt:

• Exclusive “clouds” t-shirt:

• Join the Bourgeoisie Paper Jam Street Team!

• BandCamp (music; most discography):

• "Funkalicious" video:

• “Every Heartbeat”:

• “It’s Gonna Be Alright:


Friday night hang and video debut for "So Restless"

Record Release Live Stream

Bourgeoisie Paper Jam

October 20, 2023 at 7 pm

On Facebook and YouTube

Facebook, access our page at 7pm:

• Watch new video for “So Restless”

• Q & A

• Merch giveaway (share livestream with MOST viewers gets Exclusive T-shirt)

• Hang out in studio

Next livestream is set for December 1, 2023 (links to come)

Songs that don’t age well 😬


Here's what we're most thrilled about this month:

Time Management for the D.I.Y. Rock Star:

Gab & Jam:

301. Songs that don’t age well 😬 (video: and podcast: )

302. Time Management for the D.I.Y. Rock Star (video: and podcast: )

303. Our view of the Romantic 80s (video: and podcast: )

Our view of the Romantic 80s:

Blog Posts:

Music video:

“Lovely Mystic (Obtanium Flow)”:

Listen to the latest album on your favorite streaming platform.

Song Clips:

231. “Island Jumping” @Sandberg #Sandberg #bass

232. “Engines Running” @MusicMan #MusicMan #guitar

233. “Funky Disco” @Sandberg #Sandberg #bass

234. “Away From the Sun” @Sandberg #Sandberg #bass

Did you know that along with putting together our next album, we are working on our first book?

Here’s the link, if you want to pre-order:


More Ways to consume B L O O M I N G P R E J I P P I E :

· All things “Obtanium Flow”:

· Gab & Jam podcast:

· Soundcloud (music):

· Join the Bourgeoisie Paper Jam Street Team!

· Be the NEXT D.I.Y. Rock Star Handbook Pre-order:




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