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Appropriation or appreciation?

This post is an outline of Gab & Jam, episode 247. Appropriation or appreciation: Where is the line? (video: and podcast: )

This is quite a contentious topic, we know, but we think it’s worth exploring, since we have our OWN questions about where the line lies. So, this is just us exploring some of the thoughts underlying the issue.


These are some topics discussed in our episode:

1. What is appropriation?

2. Is it the artist’s job to educate the public about their influences/symbols/content?

3. Where is the line?

4. Elvis is dubbed the “King of Rock”—Who did that? or Benny Goodman was “The King of Swing”?

5. Eventually, both jazz and rock came to be thought of as “white music,” even though they were CLEARLY, historically originated by black artists. Is this because blacks didn’t embrace it as their own (as they have squarely done for rap)?

6. Is “appropriation” a uniquely American idea (because Europeans knew the black blues, rock, and jazz artists)?

Check out the episode to hear the full discussion.

Gab & Jam, episode 247. Appropriation or appreciation: Where is the line? (video: and podcast: )

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What do YOU think? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Talk to us in the comments below.


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Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!


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