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3 Summer Music Promo Tips

This post loosely follows Gab & Jam, episode 232

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Hey, you KNOW how we do—we get inspired by our fellow music promotion folks—so, this post is not much different. This one is inspired by Ariel Hyatt’s post: "Ten Summer Tips for Music Promotion."

We like it, because it helps show you some actions that you can take to move your creative empire forward, which is our regular JAM around here—and is REALLY the reason why we even bother to share this kind stuff with you. –If we didn’t want YOU to be empowered just as much as we are, we would keep all this shit to ourselves…… But we want the be the kind of friend that we like to meet, so here’s us, sharing….

Here's a little context…

In the article, Hyatt suggests that independent artists take a look at some ways to tackle post pandemic summer promo. Yes, things are opening back up. But, no, it’s not QUITE the same. Here are some ways to not only draw potential fans, but to re-engage your current followers, and to have a little fun along the way.

She makes a good point; that “Followers aren’t things you collect, store away, and never tend to again.” She also makes the point that it’s easier to draw folks closer to you, when they have ALREADY expressed interest, than to try to win new folks over. Think about it; they’ve already shown appreciation for you and your music! –So here are some easy ways to do