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The BENEFITS of Creating a Vision Board (esp. for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

Benefits of vision board  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

What is vision and why is it important for the D.I.Y. Rock Star?

Although to many of you, the idea of vision may sound a little woowoo. “All I wanna do is play some music, man!” might be what you’re saying. Hey, I get it. We went for nearly 30 years not having any clear musical vision and we never really accomplished many of the things we started and seemed so passionate about at the time. Time is a non-renewable resource, so I wouldn’t wish having no clear vision on ANYONE, especially you.


So, what is vision? According to online Oxford Dictionary, vision is “The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” Still don’t get it? The key words in that definition are “future plan.” I know you’re probably thinking that we ALL have future plans, but do we have a central focus to those plans that, if you stick with it and do work toward it, you can eventually walk in that picture in your mind about who you are and what you could accomplish? That’s what a vision is and what it can do for you.

Vision Board DIY  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Why a board, though?

“A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life,” according to

How can a vision Board be valuable for you, the endeavoring D.I.Y. Rock Star?

Since I know that’s the primary reason you’re here, so let me lay it out for you. If you’re not setting a vision of the level of success that you are expecting to achieve—as a band, or as a recording artist (Are you wanting to record and sell a boatload of albums or maybe book and headline your own tour?)—then how do you know how well you’re progressing toward that big, beautiful goal? —That’s what happened to us, not only was our vision blurry (since we didn’t REALLY know what we wanted—all we knew is that a record seemed like the best sign of success, so that’s what was at the top of our list—but because we weren’t completely sold on our goal). (We’ve always been passionate about being fiercely, authentically creative, so we knew that a record deal might mean that some old dude in a suit that had no creative edge could give a thumbs down on our wonderfully heartfelt songs, which I KNEW we weren’t cool with. That’s why I don’t think that we had clearly thought it through….).

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… And it matters, because….:

The big point is that even if that was our vision for our lives, we didn’t think about it long enough to figure out HOW to make that happen; I mean, beyond making demos and trying to get a rep to shop it. And it wasn’t even as if we had a demo for every new prospect we met. No, we were doing it in fits and starts; so that it couldn’t even build up any real momentum. So, we’d get discouraged at the poor results and go play Tetris for 2 months (or whatever other activity that we substituted), while we were feeling sorry for ourselves, but that was ultimately just a waste of time.

The BIG Takeaway….….:

I can hear the wheels turning in your head now…. “Why are they telling me all this?” you want to know. Well, because having a vision is the first major step to NOT falling down that rabbit hole. —No, it is not a miracle worker, but when you are ready to truly see a change in your life, having this kind of grounding really DOES feel like a miracle. Having that well-crafted vision in front of you feels like a light at the end of a tunnel. And sometimes, that’s all you need is to move toward the light. In fact, it’s taking those tiny baby steps toward this light is what will lift you out of a funk, will give you a plan, and will keep you moving. Ultimately, even if you happen to fall short—which I will wager that you won’t—you will see so many gains from doing those daily tasks that you will feel great about yourself, which is good for your Rock Star confidence. (—I mean, by God, if you don’t have confidence, how you even claim to be a Rock Star?!) Plus, even if you don’t initially, say sell a gazillion records, the experience you gain with selling those 2,000 gets you THAT much closer to your goal with the knowledge and networking you’ve gained to boot! You can rest assured that the next time you release an album, you will have much more of a base of resources, connections, ideas, and the mindset to take it to the next level the next time!

Whew! So, that’s how having a vision helps you to clarify and map out your creative life. You will know what you want, you will find ways to go get it, you will have steps to walk in should you spiral down and not know what to do next, and it will help keep you motivated, because you will have some wins along the way, which will tell you that what you’re doing is working.


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Want a cheat sheet on how to make your Vision Board?

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Do you want to see a Vision Board being made?

Do you have any methods for setting and keeping to key goals in your musical life?

We would love for you to share your methods in the comments below.

Until next time, here's wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease!


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