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John Garcia & The Band of God's "Jim's Whiskey" (single) REVIEW: Guest Post

Blog-vember Day 11 2018 --Blooming Prejippie

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We’re super excited to open up our music review branch of our all things musically inspiration-related leaning zine. To that end, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet someone who does just this kind of thing full-time. What’s more is that he loves rock—one of our personal favorite genres—and loves scouring for all things obscure. We’re happy to have him kick off our section with a review of John Garcia & The Band of Gold’s upcoming singles release “Jim’s Whiskey.”

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John Garcia

& The Band of Gold’s

“Jim's Whiskers”

(Single Review)

John Garcia is seen as something of a pioneer of desert rock. He founded the iconic Kyuss, as well as performing with other notable outfits like Slo-burn, Unida and Hermano. Garcia now gears up for his last record with the announcement of John Garcia & The Band of Gold LP, due out January 4, 2019 via Napalm Records.

One of the first releases will be “Jim’s Whiskers,” a sun-drenched taste served with lemon. The opening chords of distorted guitar fizzes along to a sound popularized by nineties’ bands like QOTSA. The track moves along quite smoothly with a tight, repetitive riff that repeats handsomely within the ear to Garcia’s smooth vocals. His voice is slick and enriched, with benefits the genre’s stylings of down tuned guitars and distorted feedback. The song reaches its standpoint with a timely guitar solo in the mid third, which lifts the track to another level. The conclusion climaxes with a frenetic rush of Garcia's hazy voicings blended with the polyphonic textures of gritty guitars.