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Rock Star Rewind: Manifesting the Beauty in Our Truth (October 2018)

Spillin' Tea August 2018  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

To find the truth in our beauty

First, a rant: I may have mentioned before that our entire venture into vlogging, blogging, podcasting, and all that is an effort to channel our passion; to find that beauty in our truth. We are not here for money—not that we wouldn’t welcome being rewarded for doing what we love—but unlike so many things we see out here—from blogging to songwriting—is focused squarely on that one pursuit. That is not our truth. That has never been our truth. It is this fundamental difference that calls us to question much of the advice of those who value pursuit of profit over all else.

So, yes, we are searching for answers to how to function as a thriving blog (and as a thriving music publishing business), but the way we do it has to be true to our intuition toward the art. We know it can be done. We know that we can do it. Often the art speaks far louder than the commerce. We have to keep our blinders on, let the tuning fork lead us through our beauty toward our truth, and take heed to the old adage, “If you build it, they will come.”

So, in answer to the age old question of “Which comes first; the chicken or the egg?” We will have to let you know when that truth is conclusively revealed. All I can say is that we will keep planting proverbial “seeds” (aka, eggs, in this case) in order to later realize a harvest.

"Our First Time: Chicago Music Exchange 2018" Video

One Egg Hatched Six Chicks…..

Well, if you’ve been around for the last few months, you’ll know that we been hemming and hawing and stopping and re-working our first ever eBook (for making it in the music business in this new climate).

It turns out that the longer we sat with it and wrote, the longer it became and the more sections we added. Somehow, what turned into a simple amount of information turned into pages overflowing with tips, tricks, and strategies alongside of sage advice. Instead of pruning—which was my first inclination—I am taking one of those-podcast-folks-that-I-listen-to’s advice and am making it an eBook series. –Yay! –Now, there will be a series of six books on topics for success on your own terms for making, distributing and promoting music you are passionate about in today’s creative market. What I love about this is that it can grow as we tackle more topics and add new editions of the eBook, which is a win-win situation for us and for you. The more information we can provide, the more “value” you get. These will eventually turn into video courses, so if you’re interested, you might want to jump on these during the first launch (where they will be free for a very limited time). If you’re interested, please email me sooner than later at to let me know you’d like to be put on the launch list.

The other best part about all this is that I have finally begun putting the final first few together and they should FINALLY be live by the end of September (if not sooner). Yes, it took a while getting o