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Gab & Jam Episode 6: Paris Pluses and Minuses

Prejippies' Paris Preview Gab & Jam Episode 6  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

We’ve been watching YouTube videos, talking to friends and family, and taking copious notes. Finally, our trip is upon us. Here’s what we are most looking forward to and least looking forward to on our upcoming trip to Paris. –Let me let you know right now that this video was a blast to make so make sure you check out the video (at the bottom of this post) or the podcast (below in the post) to know how it went down.

Most looking forward to:

  1. Music stores (an entire 2 streets dedicated to music stores; looking for a boutique-like environment)

  2. Running along the Sienne and to the Louvre

  3. Sightseeing/Museums/Seeing old architecture/Tourist attractions

  4. Clothes shopping (Collette and thrift shopping)

  5. Food (great bread, pastries)

  6. Bus Tour/River cruise (included in Paris PASS)

  7. Metro and other public transportation

  8. Very walkable (just our vacation style)

  9. Experiencing new culture

  10. Using downloaded apps to help navigate culture (food, signs, language, restroom locations)