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Misfits Holiday Creative Parade 2017

Misfits Holiday Creative Parade 2017

Our goals for this compendium are to explore the holidays through an alternative lens. With that in mind, we have compiled all-original creations with an edge. We love the holidays, but we wanted to see if we find folks creating within that space. That’s why we put out the call. Check it out; our first annual Misfits Holiday Creative Parade!


Misfits Songs on Parade

Apple Playlist --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Here's a showcase of all-original Christmas-themed music by up and comers. While, we may not have cooooooompletely have met that objective—yes, Sia is on our list—we think we've found some pretty entertaining original songs by a few less widely-known artists. Check it out.


Misfits Poems on Parade

Happy Hollow Daze Conceived – 11/30/17

It burns A demon beneath the cracks of my smile Tired of the bullshyt of pretending to be happy

I’m not

Been depressed for years being the biggest FRONT MAN to lie to my friends Where you been E? You don’t go out any more I’m not here

My best side is buried under regrets and stress Compressed inside a dark box sinking in the ocean So hollow I swallow till I am full Given substance Something that defines my meaning

Close my eyes as I deny her again She wants to open the doors and learn more But this agony I keep in this Hell is heavy

Screams that carry the winds with them beating ear drums bloody with giant fist Insisting I’m a nice guy but that guy died years ago I left him in a hole for the sole purpose of renting out his soul to sell to the devil for the keys to Heaven

Everyday is 9/11 Hit harder and harder by those with ill intentions that question my credentials

Bankrupt and broke as fuck so given no credit Repair repair beyond the help of a medic Because my pain is mental Not seen on my dirty face not being able to speak pass my broken teeth

I’m a cavity to progress outward showing my depression to such a sweet girl It’s not her fault I’m stupid or is she for not realizing I shot cupid Sipping on his drank cashing his Artemis bow in for shits and giggles like it was a prank

She’ll hate me forever and now we are mutual partners Let’s both curse me and high five each other I hate him too

Just for different reasons

Tis the season to say fuck you to the MAN GOD and nod to sleep beating meat to pornos I got in a combo pack

Much much safer than that girl and a real puzzy that comes with child support and let downs Boners on a vacation so use this lube and your imagination and go home and text me later on your phone

Voice to mail so I don’t have to interact just be in my own world trapped, trying to get me back

Listening for a call


Please help me

Found crushed inside a broken cold heart

Forever Forsaken ~ TEARS

-Elliot Newlin (Atlanta, GA)

15 Tips For Better Band Photos  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, band photos REALLY are, since they determine if someone is going to say “Hell, yeah!” or “Hell, no!” to listening to your kick-ass music. Don’t forget to take heed to these important tips, in order to “get it right.” Check out this checklist of 15 valuable tips.


Misfits Trees on Parade

Again, our aim was to give space to less-conventional approaches and materials used in and on Christmas trees. Here is our round-up.


Misfits D.I.Y. on Parade

There are two projects that we are featuring. One is the Frankenstein-inspired top I made for a holiday event. The second is one I found on, where a couple constructed a Christmas tree out of PVC pipe.

Frankenstein-Inspired Top—so fondly named


If a project is over a day long, then it probably won’t get done (if you’re depending on me to get it done). Thankfully, I had guesstimated pretty correctly and this project took about 3 hours max.

I bought the top from H&M—thinking it was a great deal, because it was on the clearance rack. However, it was not stretchy enough at all, but it was hella cute, which caused for desperate measures. Those desperate measures was a d.i.y. transformation.


Here's another interesting D.I.Y.

"PVC and a Tire Tree"

“My husband and I make an unconventional tree every December. This year we used an old tire painted white and cut up 40 ft of PVC pipe to create the tree shape,” says Emily Seilhamer (on To read the entire article, click here:

To read more about the PVC Pipe Tree, click here:


More Weirdness on Parade

Here's a nice treasury of odds and ends that embraced the holidays as their theme.


Misfits Resources:


Did we miss anything?

Do you have something that we just HAVE to see?!

Something that proves you're just as twisted as we are?

Please share with us in the comments below.

Well, have a very happy holiday! And, as always, love, peace, and chicken grease!

And don't be a dweeb; subscribe alright, already!

Subscribe.  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

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