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Blog-vember #18 Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Fun

Turkey Trot Fun  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

This is our second time participating in the Strategic Staffing Solutions Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. We are waiting for our particular part of the race to begin—the 10K started at 7:30 a.m. and the 5K was scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. So, while we had sent Bruce off with a hearty “We love you!” and “Good luck!”,” the rest of us needed to spend at least 45 minutes waiting to head to the starting line. While we waited, I reflected on what I liked most about the race.

This year, I feel more confident in my pre-training, I am committed to continuing my healthier and active lifestyle, and I am prepared for the challenge of “trotting” in 29 degree weather. Hence, I was pumped to get to the race this morning. Only to hurry up and wait… It was cool, though, because I got to spend time with my first-born—aka “Silent Bob”—and I got a chance to people-watch; one of my favorite activities.

Hanging out with Silent Bob  --Blooming Prejippie

Spending time with my first born (aka "Silent Bob")

I consider the reasons that I love the Turkey Trot and one of the biggest (as I’ve mentioned before) are because of the wild and crazy outfits that I see. Some of the costumes are from groups that are trying to show solidarity by having everyone coordinate what they wear. I am in awe of that camaraderie and I appreciate that. On the other hand, they are some folks—like me—who just use it to simply express their wild side. –Though I didn’t go crazy with a wild outfit this year, I actually did something sedate, but sleek for me; I was supposed to be Catwoman, but because the outfit was sooooo subdued, I think no one know but me.

Catwoman?  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Can you even see my tutu?!

--Anyway, back to people watching. I loved the variety of creative outfits I saw, including

folks dressed as spice bottles, Santa, superheroes, pilgrims, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Stormtroopers, Elvis, Pikachu, turkeys, unicorns, and, of course, there are tutus of every kind. What a feast for the eyes!

Here’s an irresistible pair of Left Sharks

Though I am avowed anti-large crowds gal, this is one crowd that has called me back. I like the hustle bustle and the party atmosphere of the participants in Cobo Hall, as we wait for the race to begin. People are chilling, partying, and stretching. Everybody’s excited about the race.

Ultimately, I’m happy, because after I brave the cold of the race, I can go home to the turkey I left roasting in the oven. I will that much more deserving of that extra helping and/or piece of piece. Also, finally, I am exciting about that idea that after the race and the turkey, I get to visit with family that I haven’t seen most of the year. We get to say “I love you,” catch up on life, and have massive amounts of carb-loaded and sugary foods (without the personal guilt).

Thank you, Lord, for today.

What activity did you do

that helped feel more confident and allowed you to enjoy the holiday more?

Please share below.

As always, wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease. Until tomorrow...

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