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Blog-vember #11 The Best and the Worst Things about Facebook Blogging Groups

Blog-vember Day 6  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

The best things:

They help me believe that everything is possible. From the smallest blogger—with only 2 views to their name—to those who are too large and too cool for school—are showing that it is possible to build a business off of doing their own business. I am so inspired to keep trying, because I see varying degrees of success happening every day.

The next thing I like about the blogging groups is that they are helpful and encouraging. When the week starts, most well-run groups will ask the 2 or 3 goals we have for the week. Not only is it nice to virtually eavesdrop on what other folks are doing, but it also helps me think about what I want to accomplish for the week in a more formal fashion. Also, because I said I would, I feel more convicted to actually work on those goals I listed. There is something about accountability that keeps me focused. The last big advantage to being a part of the groups is that I realize that it takes hard work to make a blog a success and that you can never stop working, if you plan to see results.

Another thing is that there is always guidance/advice on an issue you may be having. I used to sit and research and/or brood when something didn't work right. Now I am not shy about slipping a question or two out there and there are always folks out there who either have the same question, or have a ready solution, or a suggestion for how you've been doing it all wrong and an article to link you to a better solution.

Also, I find kindred spirits along the way. Though many of the links I share may be obligatory—you shared mine, so I feel obligated to share yours—there are times when you find someone (or some blog) that is truly inspiring or who you want to develop a long-time partnership with. I would never have discovered Also, it helps to have folks sharing your links all across the world and across the universe of the internet.

The worst things:

Some folks are bullies. When I was new to posting, there were some things that I didn’t understand—like about making sure that you are only sharing in the precise way that the board asks (i.e., no Facebook posts on a Pinterest thread, etc. or numbering post, if that is what is required). It wasn’t enough that someone who tag you to let you know to be sure to follow the rules, but it was the way in which it was done; as if you MEANT to do it. (I could swear the way some of their rebukes are phrased, I can hear them spew the word “idiot” as they are writing it.) There were times that, even as a grown-ass woman, I felt intimidated and just wanted to curl up into a ball and not participate anymore. I don’t, however; I simply apologize and correct whatever I have been corrected on.

Every group has its own rules. I am now a member of probably 20 different Facebook blogging groups and it is hard to remember to be sure to keep to that particular group’s rules. What I mean is that if I post first thing in the morning, but get more notifications and interact as the day progresses, sometimes I have to go all the way the very top of the thread—which can be extremely time-consuming—to see what rules are in place for that particular group (or that particular thread).

You are not encouraged to do more than asked. Following that last point, if a thread asks for comments on a blog post, but I also tweet their post (and I let them know in my response), my message to that blogger can be marked as spam, which means that if I have responded to 20 posts—which takes a good 45 minutes—all my work that I have done could be wiped away. Not only does it make me feel like crap to have been rebuked for doing MORE than is necessary, but the fact that the person who I am trying to support will not even ever see that I fulfilled my part of the bargain!

Overall, the benefits far outweigh the detriments, which is why I will be logging on first thing in the morning to learn something, do my part in promoting our thang and to make new connections.

What has your experience been with Blogging Groups? Have they helped or hurt your process? Tell us everything!

Drop us a comment below.

As always, wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease. Until tomorrow...

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