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Blog-Vember #7 Five Reasons to Find Your Tribe

5 Reasons to Find Your Tribe --Blooming Prejippie

We have decided to try something that we haven’t done in years. We are looking outside of ourselves to choose our next focus, musically. We are used to that idea of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and of “manning up” and standing squarely on our own two—four?—feet. However, the older we get, we are beginning to realize that sometimes it takes others to advance our own dreams. Finding people who share your artistic philosophy is the key. Having said all that, here are the 5 main reasons to seek others’ help:

1. You can’t do it alone. You need a community of people who are almost as passionate about what you do as you are. It is those folks who will sound the alarm, because they want others to know about this great thing that they have found.

2. Genuine feedback is important. Because we want to showcase the music that helps you, the fan, live a better life, we need to know which of our songs do that for you. By allowing you to tell us directly, we don’t have to guess and we can give you more of what you enjoy about us.

3. Objective ears. We love all of our songs—yes, all 15 on this album—and can’t choose objectively which ones should be showcased next (and then, next and then, next). With your help, we don’t have to choose which of our musical children will be put in front of all others; we can rest assured that someone who is not as close to the work as we are will give us objective opinions.

Win Apple Airpods    --Blooming Prejippie

4. Quiet collaboration. While giving feedback is not quite the same as collaborating, it does add to the creative process. That is what makes outsiders’ opinions important. By listening to what you all have to say and incorporating some of your suggestions, we tweak our product and processes, which we believe expands our art.

5. Pleasant surprise. It never fails that we leave ourselves open to others’ ideas for our work that we create something unexpected and awesome that may have never happened if we had never shared and asked for input. This is one of our favorite “side effects” of allowing you into our world. Invariably, it is that suggestion to, say, “repeat the chorus,” or to “extend the vamp,” or to “include a guitar solo” that leads to a wonderful, new, enhanced version of the thing that we have shared. It is a delight to behold these kind of metamorphoses. It is the hook that keeps me wanting to stay accessible and circulating.

Win Airpods!  --Blooming Prejippie

How This Works:

Having said all that, you should realize how important YOU are to us. And that your feedback is worth its weight in gold. This is why we are asking you to share your sincere thoughts about our work. Therefore, for every extra bit of effort you put into helping us, we will reward you.

It is time to choose our single and would like honest feedback on which songs are suited for this and why. We have selected you, because you like some of the artists who have influenced our us.

For each song reviewed, you will receive an entry to win a pair of Apple Airpods. Therefore, the more songs you review, the better your chances are to win the grand prize.

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