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Blog-vember #4 Floral Noise

Blog-vember Day 4  -- Blooming Prejippie Zine

I guess I should NOT be freaking out about posting every single day, since we’ve got 30 years of songs—have you visited our website?!—and about four times as many lyrics without songs….

In keeping with the spirit of “put it all out and let these seeds make roots freely,” we are throwing some lyrics that never found music out into the virtual breeze. This one is called “Floral Noise.”

Floral Noise Rough

Floral Noise

Fingers scan

Eyes skim

The landscape is far from pure

You're Wasted

on floral noise

I can tell you need it

But I can't give you a patch

That's one itch that I can't scratch

Just like a good scrapper, you're gonna have to follow through