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Blog-vember #4 Floral Noise

Blog-vember Day 4  -- Blooming Prejippie Zine

I guess I should NOT be freaking out about posting every single day, since we’ve got 30 years of songs—have you visited our website?!—and about four times as many lyrics without songs….

In keeping with the spirit of “put it all out and let these seeds make roots freely,” we are throwing some lyrics that never found music out into the virtual breeze. This one is called “Floral Noise.”

Floral Noise Rough

Floral Noise

Fingers scan

Eyes skim

The landscape is far from pure

You're Wasted

on floral noise

I can tell you need it

But I can't give you a patch

That's one itch that I can't scratch

Just like a good scrapper, you're gonna have to follow through

Solo suffer

Alone, alone, alone

Waiting on your sheep to come home

It's the gritty residue that lingers

Got complicated tattooed on your finger

There's special magic for a girl versus a boy

Got to simply learn to deploy

Wasted on floral noise

There's no over the counter cure for what ails you

All that shit will only fail you

To reach higher, up into storm and making peace with that piece of you that is tortured and broken,

Pieces missing is the only way, the only way

Until then, heading bloody and broken in through the out door

Tasting the floor

Banging your head on a door

Fucked up and wasted on floral noise

Whacked out on floral noise

Life Begins Video

Do you have music-less lyrics laying around (like us)?

Let us know the deets and your current situation in the comments below.

As always, wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease. Until tomorrow...

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