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Five Things Creative People Do

1. Live with clutter:

There’s no telling where the supplies for your next masterpiece will come from, so we must keep everything that we think might be valuable. That includes leftovers from the last project, unusual items (like grosgrain ribbon from gifts, etc.) that could be used in a future project, and trinkets that we buy in anticipation of a project that we haven’t even started.

Habits of the highly creative; clutter


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2. Daydream a lot:

We’re always looking for our next opportunity for a creative outlet; plus, we look at things from an odd point of view, which means that often, we are not “plugged in” to what is going on in the moment and socially. So, while in class, in meetings, watching a movie, listening to a conversation, we are often wanting to doodle or write a poem or are conceptualizing our next up-cycling project. We are not hearing what is happening, but we have retreated into our own mental bubble. As the facilita